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                           Two Booklets with Study Notes

               aoefengshui Flying Stars ZWDS Self-Study Advanced Course (Full)


aoefengshui Flying Stars ZWDS is fully consistent with the system of He-Tu, Luo-Shu and I-Ching. It combines Palaces, Stars and Si-Hua
altogether. This course aims to provide students with advanced knowledge of Flying Star ZWDS. Students who complete both Foundation and Advanced Course are most likely able to start their own ZWDS  business afterwards.

To make sure that all the students can fully understand the advanced ZWDS concepts, aoefengshui will bring more than 50 chart samples from at this advanced course.

Course book table of content (Part 1/2)

Chapter 1 - 2: Advanced Flying Techniques

1. Flying Formula & Combination
2. The way of Flying
3. The meaning of one Palace flying Lu/Quan/Ke/JI to another Palace
4. Examples for some popular ways of flying
5. Flying Procedure
6. Palace/Si-Hua Choice
7. Flying Tables

Chapter 3-4: Self-Hua Concept & “No Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua”

1. Self-Hua Concept
2. Hua to Opposite Concept
3. Meaning of Self-Hua and Hua to opposite
4. Summary for ZWDS Si-Hua/Self-Hua in one palace
5. “No Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua”
6. Case Study
7. Case Study

Chapter 5: Vibration & Self-Hua Exchanging

1. The meaning of Vibration
2. The first type of the Vibration
3. Case Study
4. The second type of the vibration
5. Case Study
6. Further Discussion
7. Case Study

Chapter 6-7:  “Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua”, “Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua” & “No Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua”

1. Fixed Fate & Changeable Fortune
2. The combinations of “Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua in one palace”

Group One:

Life-Lu with Self-Ji
Life-Quan with Self-Ji
Life-Ke with Self-Ji
Life-Ji with Self Ji. 

Group Two:

Group 2-1
Life-Lu with Self-Lu
Life-Lu with Self-Quan
Life-Lu with Self-Ke
Life-Lu with Self-Ji
Group 2-2
Life-Quan with Self-Lu
Life-Quan with Self-Quan
Life-Quan with Self-Ke
Life-Quan with Self-Ji
Group 2-3
Life-Ke with Self-Lu
Life-Ke with Self-Quan
Life-Ke with Self-Ke
Life-Ke with Self-Ji
Group 2-4
Life-Ji with Self-Lu
Case Study 
Life-Ji with Self-Quan
Case Study
Life-Ji with Self-Ke
Life-Ji with Self-Ji

Other Combinations

Double Life Si-Hua with Single Self-Hua
Single Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua
Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua
Case Study

3. Method No. 1-3 for “Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua” & “No Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua”

Chapter 8-9-10-11: “The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of single/Double/Triple Si Hua” & He-Tu/Luo-Shu Applications.

1. The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Single Si-Hua
2. The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Double Si-Hua
3. The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Triple Si-Hua
4. The Concept of Lai-Yin Palace
5. Lai-Yin Palace & Life Space
6. The 6-Ti & 6-Yong Palaces
7. Case Study
8. The Concept of Luo-Shu
9. The Luo Shu Application in ZWDS
10. Case Study
11. Case Study

Course book table of content (Part 2/2)

Chapter 12: Wealth & Career

Chapter 13: Marriage & Peach Blossom

Chapter 14: Health, Pregnancy &Accident

Chapter 15: Luck of the Year

Chapter 16: More Case-Studies

Chapter 17: Conclusion

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