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About Master Tony (aka aoefengshui)

Born in 1966 in China and now living in Sydney Australia, Master Tony is a professional fortune-teller with excellent knowledge of "I-Ching" – a traditional Chinese fortune-telling method. Able to forecast accurately for individuals according to their time and place of birth, Master Tony has worked at some famous fortune-telling forums in North America, Australia, Southeast Asia and China for many years.

Focused on the positive impact towards life, Master Tony  started to learn Buddhism and Taoism in his teenage years.  In the late nineties, Master Tony was taught the top secret art of the Zi Wei Dou Shu (the Chinese Astrology) by a mystery Master in China. Master Tony settled in Sydney of Australia and opened "Lee's Feng Shui Consulting " and  “aoefengshui Research Center”  afterwards. 

Master Tony launched "aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course" and "aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course" in 2016 and was awarded the "Most Accurate Master" at the world biggest forum of fortune-telling  in 2017.

The purpose of fortune-telling is to understand people’s lives on a deeper level and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual. It is also the smartest way to maintain good luck and to minimize loss in life's journey.


Believing that morality is more important than the skills of forecasting, Master Tony has provided high accuracy fortune-telling for more than ten thousand people all over the world with his bilingual skills in English and Chinese.


From your personal life chart, Master Tony can tell:


Love & Marriage:

When and where to meet my future spouse? When to get married? What kind of person he or she will be? How to resolve the difficulty of the relationship? When will I be pregnant? When there is a new marriage after divorce? ……


Money & Career:

What job or career is right for me? Starting a business vs. working for someone else? Where does money come from? When will I get rich? When can I make a difference and when is the best time to quit my job? ……


Others: Annual Fortune / Health / Disease / Traffic Accidents / House Buying and Selling /etc.


Master Tony is also working on the projects of "ZWDS & Autism" and "ZWDS & Depression" at moment. 

aoefengshui, ZWDS Master
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