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Residential Feng Shui Service

The knowledge of Numerology is the primary requirement for a professional Feng Shui Master. Feng Shui really helps people achieve their goals but we do need to work on the Numerological information about a particular person or family first --- before we can design a suitable Feng Shui package for their wealth, health and relationship etc.  

 Chinese Astrology Master Tony used is a form of fortune-telling in Chinese culture. It remains one of the most well-respected processes for laying out "The Destiny Path" which can predict every aspect of our life.


The Residential Feng Shui Planning Services include the environment investigation, garden layout, entrance design, wealth corner position and the decorations of kitchen, bedrooms and children's space etc ----- from Feng Shui point of view.


We will visit you site first and give you the Feng Shui Planning report with the numerology reading afterwards. Then a face to face meeting will be scheduled. In addition, we will also provide the follow-up services to solve related problems you might have in the future.


Please contact us for Residential Feng Shui Service price.

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